ZTE MF636 works (?) with the 9.10 Alpha 2 (Karmic Koala)

On Wed 01-July-09, I installed a 'preliminary' version of Ubuntu Karmic Koala to test the ZTE MF636 modem. The specific version was 9.10 (updated 30-Jun-09) with 2.6.30-10-generic kernel.

After plugged in, lsusb shows 19d2:2000
ZeroCD icon appeared, pop up window anounces Software...
I Eject it (from desktop environment)
the lsusb changed to 19d2:0031
two (2) providers found via network manager icon
I got connected from the 2nd one and ... Everything seems OK!

So, the good news just arrived?

UPDATE: 2-July-09
... not yet! A recent update to a newer kernel broke the system, so be patient till Alpha 3.